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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  January 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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to just about a trace in townsend. it was all about location and i think the next system that comes in tomorrow night will bring in more snow but it may be higher than some of the totals that i listed. in terms of where we are in that arctic blast it's 29 in the city. go out to the airport at 25 and the coolest spots, manchester at 23 degrees. it's a breezy, bitter evening. 21 degrees with clear skies, same deal through the course of the overnight. from 16 to 13 waking up tomorrow. the clouds will start to gather and on the boards we have that storm system that will bring snow by tomorrow evening going into tomorrow night. right now it doesn't look like much but that's what is going to cross into the state. already weather service has a one winter weather advisory. down toward kent. i think that's going to be expanded during the city. we will talk more about this accumulation totals in just a little bit. >> thank you.
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got them all in there. so little snow it's so many people caught in traffic. >> after a mild winter it seems we forgot how to deal with the snow. jeff has more on the snow fall. >> reporter: a little snow and a lot of headaches. that's what drivers face and those charged with clearing the roads say it's not their fault. by midmorning the effects of the monster drive still lingered on the baltimore beltway and employees at dental dreams had already weathered the nightmare drive to work. >> takes me about an hour to get there, an hour and 30 minutes, everybody stop and go traffic. everybody seemed like it was a blizzard. >> usually takes me five minutes in the car. it took me 15 minutes which made me 15 minutes late for my shift because my whole street was backed up. >> reporter: yes the state
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still has plenty of snowplowings, heavy duty trucks and salt domes filled with ton of the stuff. even a small amount of snow wrecked havoc. >> the crews were out. we were ready. it's not the type of storm where pretreating would have worked because the temperatures are to low and if we sprayed anything it would have frozen so that would have been a problem. . >> reporter: once the snow stops falling the state's goal is to have the roads cleared to bare pavement in four hours and it appears that the crews will barely have time to catch their breath. >> we are anticipating tomorrow they are being the same problem for evening rush hour. so let's take a lesson from this and get ready and prepare because if schools are letting out early or during the storm and people are leaving work we could have an even worse gridlock. >> adding to the gridlock the
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early school closures, the state highway administration. >> all right. when the temperatures get this bold your car gets a lot of work, extra work to preform at its best and the windy temperatures can take a toll on your battery, gas line, make sure it's working and when you start your car in the morning or notice -- . >> you can look at the cold snap in the palm of your hand with the mobile weather app. just head to the website and down load it. >> all right. tomorrow we should finally start testimony in the felicia
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barnes murder trial. the state said it was a 28-year- old michael maurice johnson that track strangled and killed her. there are still so many questions about what happened to her. questions that should start to get answered tomorrow. in open court . brian is here with what we can expect. >> reporter: for two days we weren't allowed in the courtroom while the judge conducted jury selection. this morning that finally wrapped up. michael johnson now know who will determine his fate. soon after they were seated the jury was dismissed for the day as both sides in the case argued legal mocks in front of the judge. there are a lost issues to go through in this case. there is that sex video involving the victim and the accused, the older sister and johnson's younger brother. the lead baltimore city detective in the case is also a senator of controversy.
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he was suspended for misconduct by the department just days before johnson was art arrested. the motions address some of the issues setting the ground rules for the trial. it'll start tomorrow morning opening statements. we will be in the courtroom to bring you updates each and every day. abc 2news. >> no charges against a baltimore police officer in connection with the death of a man in police custody. now initially police say that anti anderson died from choking on drugs but now autopsy shows broken ribs, bruises and spleen cuts. he died from blunt force trauma. the state attorney said an investigation determined detectives actions caused his death but the man died during a legitimate arrest and use force wants excessive. they were trying to arrest him when he swallowed drugs and
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later died. his family is disputing the the. no rules and regulations. that's for the executive john leopold. an attorney made the argument in court that his security officers had no guidelines. he is charged with misconduct in office for using county officers as look outs when he had sex in a car and misusing tax dollars by doing this on work time. the two women who filed civil lawsuits monitoring the case. >> elected official has no business using police force when we have crime up the ying yang and drugs and the taxpayers wasting money on doing personal things for him. >> the supervisor of the executive protection unit said he requested to leave because of stress. >> and in just a few minutes
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minutes a, delegate is coming clean about his problems with alcohol. don harrison sat down with him for a interview. >> and now to the breaking news we first told you about this morning. an early morning fire caused part of a three story building to collapse in mount vernon. the fire started at the intersection of north calvert. flames quickly spread to the first, second and third floorsing firefighters to evacuate. the first floor was used for office space, the second and third use for apartments, the good news is nobody was hurt. > all new, women serving in the military will be moving to the frontlines. the secretary of defense made the announcement today but as karen reports, not everybody thinks it's a great idea. >> reporter: the defense secretary said today its time for the military to acknowledge a new reality. >> men and women alike,
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everybody is committed to doing the job. they are fighting and dying together. >> reporter: and so the pentagon announced today that women will now be allowed to serve in direct combat roles. the new policy lifts a 1994 ban. >> not everybody is going to be able to be a combat soldier but everybody is entitled to a chance. >> reporter: women already make up 15% of the one and a half million active duty military people. more than 150 have died in afghanistan and iraq. a congresswoman was a helicopter pilot who lost both of her legs. >> america's daughters just as capable of defending as the sons. >> reporter: under the new policy women will be able to be a part of infantry units if they meet the physical requirements. >> physically i think it'll be really hard. women aren't built the same way as men. i think there is going to be a lot of discrimination.
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>> reporter: units will have the opportunity to seek waivers to stop women from taking certain jobs but they have to be approved by the defense secretary. a vast majority support women but there are critics. a young soldier told abc that women are designed to love and nurture men are designed to hunt and kill. the president said in a statement that the new policy will make the military grow even stronger. abc news washington. >> the flu affects us all differently but it's especially bad for kids. what you need to know to help get your child through the flu without going to the hospital. >> we child proof our homes but you can't stop kid from being kids, what to do if your child swallows a coin, pet food or a little battery. >> you watched it and where -- were the tears real or not? we will find out. the star at the center of the girlfriend hoax scandal. what we are learning now about
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the mastermind behind it.
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. maryland officials say the flu is high tonight and wide spread. while it can be horrible for healthy adults it's even worse for children. 29 children in the united states have died including one here in our state. linda has some tips on how to best care for kids if they come down with the flu. >> reporter: kids need a lot of care when they come down with the flu. they are dealing a fever, muscle aches, even vomiting and diarhhea. if your kid has a fever ibprofen can help but never asprin because it can cause a rare illness. don't bundle them up with extra layers even if they have the
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chills. this will keep their fever from going down and may make it worse. try a lukewarm bath instead. a sick child will usually not want to eat but try to keep them hydrated with lots of water. warm soup may be good. if your child has other medical conditions like asthma a anti viral treatment may be needed. it's important to see your doctor because it needs to be given in the first 48 hours to be effective. you should take your kid to the er if you notice they are crying but don't have any tears, that could be a sign of being dehydrated, also if they seem to be getter better and the symptoms return take them to the er because they could have a secondary infection. >> now we are work for you at abc2. a special section to help you fight this flu outbreak. head to abc you will find lists of foods to boost your immune system, to know what it's okay to go back
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to work or school after you beat over the flu. >> now to tonight's health alert we do all we can to make homes safe for our kids but there are a lot of dangers that aren't as obvious. every year thousands of kids are rushed to the hospital because they swallow something small like a coin or battery. coins aren't a huge problem, most of the time as long as they don't get lodged in throat they will just pass through. that's not true with batteries. >> if your child swallows a battery, a small one or a magnet those can cause may not pass through. a battery can leak toxic terribles and magnets, especially if more than one they can adhere to one another across the tissues. >> crayons; bugs, none of them are toxic.
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>> little snow overnight. dundock little snow. take a look down to the soup. further south you went you did see a little more in the way of snow. act a solid inch in annapolis, further than that around calvert you saw between two to three and some spots five inches of snow in this quick moving system in the overnight and early morning. here is the shot downtown look toward federal hill. it's still very cold, bone dry dew point at zero and that breeze at nine making that 24 feel like the low teens. got up to 26 degrees this afternoon. normally we should be around 41 so that's a far cry from the normal. that sunset, good news, lighter during the course of the evening. it's 24 right now, out towards joppa at 27, belaire cool, 23 degrees. 24 in columbia. we are very chilly. with that brisk wind we are seeing the wind chill values range between 15 to the single
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digits. as these temperatures air temperatures drop these wind chill values will start to drop and we will be in the single digits, maybe negative values w he call it a biting breeze between the course of tonight. clouds will gather tomorrow afternoon and then light snow will develop late tomorrow afternoon in to the evening. i don't think the evening will be impacted greatly but i think that the end of that evening drive, that's when it could get slick. we will talk about that storm in a second. it's frigid feel through the course of this evening. 7:00 temperatures, 21 degrees goes to 16 back on at abc 2news and then a bitter wake up to clouds. right around 22 on the way up for the middle and upper 20a. the radar is clear overhead right now. out so the west coast there is a piece of energy over the four corner states, that's one piece and then up toward the north snow breaking over northern minnesota. that's the second piece. the question is can we get them to come together and that's what we will watch. we do know this is going to be
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a storm that will follow this arctic boundary and we will see if it can tap into that. if we can get them to come together it'll be a bigger event. right now we will separate the two, keep it two storm systems, one bringing a burst of snow in, friday evening into friday night before everything kicks off shore. that's how this will change. if they come together maybe a little more in the way of snow, we will break it down for you. we will show you the accurate future trend model and show you again clear skies through the course of this evening. it's really bitterly cold with that northwesterly wind and then the clouds tomorrow afternoon, two, three and then snow will break out just to the west of frederick and crosses in to the belt i-between six and nine but everything is out of here by midnight and that will set up a sun and cloud mix into saturday. in terms of what to expect, generally one to two inches, maybe a few small amounts just outside the beltway, maybe two to three inches, we will talk
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more about this at 5:30 and give you a better look at what we are anticipating. 13 tonight. clear and cold. that's the call. deep freeze continues and then for tomorrow, 28, will feel like in the low 20s. increasing clouds as the snow developing in to tomorrow nightt. will be pretty snow but be careful with travel figure traveling if you have to. 32 by saturday. then a nice day on sunday. 35, how about the 40s by monday? the tradeoff will be rain showers, and then 50s, is that possible? could we get to 52, 55, looks like it. nice, mild trend in the seven day. >> come on in. they are seeking warmth. come on. come on in. >> thursday 55. >> yeah. gets to 55 which we think will happen it'll be gone. out of here. >> i like what we had today. in today, out today. thank you. >> now to the interview that
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many of you watched right here before the news started. >> manti te'o finally breaking his silence. . >> they talked about the hoax about his fake girlfriend and when he knew about it. as brandy tells us we are learning more about the master mind. >> i didn't know who to tell. i didn't know who to trust. >> reporter: in an interview with abc, manti te'o said he was tricked in to falling in love with a woman he met online four years ago but never saw in person. >> the feelings, the pain, the sorrow, that was all real. >> reporter: he shared phone records of his long conversation was her and voicemails from the woman he thought was dying of cancer. >> i'm getting ready for my first session and -- wanted to call you and keep you posted. i miss you. i love you. bye. >> reporter: later he said he learned of the hoax created by
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this man. a he allegedly pretended to be the woman and is now dodging cameras. >> what do you say? >> many ideas, manti te'o -- it's somehow you created this whole situation to cover up your sexual orientation. are you gay? >> no. far from it. >> reporter: the woman's picture used in the hoax belongs to another woman. she said her photographs were stolen. >> i never met manti te'o in my entire life. >> reporter: he did admit after he got a call from the woman he thought was dead saying she wassa live he made a public statement two days later talking about her death. his parents continued to stand by him. >> i'm proud of his character. >> he isn't a lier. he is a kid. he is a 21-year-old kid. >> reporter: he also said he doesn't know how or if this
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hoax will affect his place in the nfl draft. abc news. los angeles. >> we will show you an explosion that levels nearly a block. the video of the blast and how much damage was done. >> and the stunt makes for amazing video but someone could haven 't about killed. why authorities say the pilot shouldn't have been flying. look at this. before copd...
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now symbicort significantly improves my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. and that makes a difference in my breathing. today, we're ready for whatever swims our way. ask your doctor about symbicort. i got my first prescription free. call or click to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. . you are looking at a sewer as it exploded in a neighborhood near in chain a. cameras on the buildings nearby caught the blast that did some serious property damage but didn't hurt anybody. a sewer exploding. a death defying plane stunt that could have turned deadly now has the pilot from this
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viral video in trouble. did you see that? the biker on the ground is at mercy of the pilot as he flies by going almost 200 miles an hour. >> several point as long the way this guy could have made a mistake. >> the faa is investigating the stunt and abc news leashed pilot's waiver to do acrobatics expired. lots of people going to see gaga. perhaps, you know you have the pictures and t-shirts but this was the best of all. in honor of her arrive ail man, a baker made this life sized cake that weighs more the real lady gag. >> it was a -- up to her and dowels, pvc pipe, lots of wood structures coming up so it
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helps to hold the weight. >> i never had a pvc pipe in a cake. >> i don't think so. doesn't sound good. >> unfortunately for fans it was never sold and never cut. >> looks like something she would wear. >> look at this guy. >> okay. >> coming up he is charged with drinking and getting behind the wheel of a boat just before crashing and leaving six people injured. what he said about the trail that led him to drink. . and if >> and the signs the cheap erratickests to the soup -- cheaper, tickets to the super bowl could be fake. >> and a lawsuit just filed against subway.
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